- Describing and simplifying technical illustrations, explanations & advantages
- Materials Technology
- Components & Assemblies
- Technical Development
- Tours through your production
- Health & Safety Precautions
- Engineering Design
- Monitoring & Control
- Technical Problems
- Performance & Sustainability

Engineering is one of the most complex industries and at the same time one of the most essential ones. Foreign language skills for people working in this field are of the utmost importance, whether they have to design machines, create manuals, offer customer support or work in purchase or sales.

This course can be a workshop designed to talk about one specific project and subject (e.g. one specific product, customer support in engineering, material specifications etc.) needed in your business or a complimentary element in your language course.

Whether as a general language with engineering, business language with engineering or New Media Engineering course. Topics vary depending on your specific needs, but typical themes include:



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