Courses cover topics and exercises in
- Hierarchy
- Forms of Address
- Food & Drink
- Special Occasions
- Work Life

Who opens the door for whom? Who shakes whose hand first? Do I eat everything or leave something on my plate? And which fork is for what? These questions can be confusing in your own country, but when you meet other cultures, the chaos is inevitable. With funny videos, simulations and a quiz, we will introduce you into the world of etiquette (and business etiquette) of various cultures or even one specific culture, get you ready for the garden party of the queen or your business trip to China.

This course can be booked as a 1 or 2 day workshop or an infotainment presentation for your event. If you choose a full workshop, we offer basic and advanced classes in continental etiquette (based on the “Knigge”), British etiquette (based on Debrett’s) and American Etiquette (based on “Emily Post”).

Courses may focus on one particular topic, if requested, such as wedding etiquette, business etiquette etc.



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